Laurynn Evans

Laurynn Evans

A Visionary Leader in Education and Adventure

Laurynn Evans, a visionary leader with 20+ years in education, embodies strategic thinking and student success. Her impact spans classrooms to boardrooms, integrating innovation into teaching. Beyond education, Laurynn explores culture, dives into underwater worlds, and rides motorcycles. As Seainggreen Productions’ founder, she merges diving passion with entrepreneurship through captivating films. Celebrate Laurynn Evans—a trailblazer in education and fearless adventurer, shaping futures and exploring depths with equal fervor.

Laurynn Evans

About Laurynn

Laurynn Evans is a seasoned education professional with over twenty years of rich experience across public, private, and international school settings. Having served in roles ranging from classroom teacher to Superintendent of Schools, Laurynn possesses a comprehensive understanding of education from diverse viewpoints. Her career highlights include leadership positions at notable institutions such as North Kitsap School District, Francis Parker School in San Diego, and Singapore American School.

Laurynn is known for her approachable, servant-leadership style, strategic thinking, and relentless dedication to student success. They have successfully led initiatives ranging from the implementation of innovative academic programs to the integration of technology into the curriculum. Laurynn’s expertise in reflective assessment, formative assessment strategies, and metacognitive strategy use underscores her commitment to fostering effective teaching and learning environments.

Beyond education, Laurynn is a passionate adventurer with interests in cultural exploration, scuba diving, and motorcycle riding. As the founder of Seainggreen Productions, she combines her love for diving with an entrepreneurial spirit, capturing the mesmerizing underwater world through film. Laurynn’s dynamic background and unwavering commitment to education make her an invaluable asset to any institution or community fortunate enough to have her onboard.